Week 11

April 12, 2010 at 1:22 am (Uncategorized)

Text Info


Points (12pt)
Points are a typical unit measurement used in printed documents. Many graphic designers begin using points in their
web pages due to instant familiarity. In reality a point is actually 1/72 of an inch, which requires further translation
in order to finally generate a value in pixels. Not recommended for screen values, but perfect for print style sheets
Inches (.25in)
Similar to points in that they are fine for the printed page, but should be avoided for on-screen rendering
Centimeters (30cm)
Again, a fixed unit of measurement that doesn’t translate well to the screen.

Ems (1em)
An em is a relative unit of measurement roughly equal to the size of a single capital M for that particular font.
They have the advantage of being relative to the font itself, so they size the font based on its sizing characteristics.
Ex (1.2ex)
Exs are relative units that relate to a font’s native “x-height” or height of the lower-case x. Not as widely used as
Ems but share some of the same advantages.
Percentage (100%)
Roughly similar to Ems and Exs, although not tied to any specific character or height. 100% means just that, 100% of the current font size.
Pixels (16px)
Interestingly enough, pixels are often listed as absolute or fixed measurements depending upon who you listen to.
Although using pixels does “fix” the size at a specific pixel size, the variations of monitor resolutions cause the
actual size of pixels themselves to change. Older browsers have difficulty in resizing text set to pixels, making them
a unreliable choice for those seeking to build accessible sites.

Set body text size as 100.01% (for Opera) then use ems. Everything will scale.


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